I accidently deleted the webpage. Jeez. We're recording a 7" this weekend with Jack Shirley. Ian's eating in and out, laura's eating patxi's, chloe's eating ?? i'm eating taco bellz and ryan is dreamin' of white castle.


Hey fools, we got no time for april fools! We haven't updated in awhile cause we've been too busy getting FREEKY (you can't spell FREAK without FREE) since February. I want to give a shoutout to my bois at google for listing us in their search engine. boo-ya!!

Hot things are happening in the death drive world we wrote a few new songs (PLAIN YOGURT and NICKOLODEAN or something). We played a show with our buds Agatha from Seattle in a weird room that made everything sound like dubstep. Woah!!

I hope we're going on tour with STILLSUIT again this summer but no one has made any plans or anything. We haven't met for a logistics meeting over chili in a fritos bag or tried to pack Vanessa's van with all + everything (Gurdjiefffff) and an imaginary ian. Gotta find out w'sup.

I think we're gonna try to record and release a couple things by the end of 2014 including a 7" that JAKE SPEK said he would put out while he was sippin' on some stuff. Ask him about it!!! Last but not least Godflesh is playing on Easter which is also 4/20 which is like totally sick.

~Tony "Moose Knuckle" D.

It's Janky January

We blew hole in limbo and 2013 is destroyed. We played a show with No Business, Fiscal Cliff and THE JAKE SPEK EXPERIENCE (aka Nervous) the other night and it was cool - I probably should have posted it on here ahead of time.

In other news GOD IS STILL DEAD and you can buy PARTY WEED (as opposed to medical marijuana) in Colorado. Someone fucked up real bad in Virginia though and 300,000 people are without drinking water and an entire river is contaminated. :(

The score for 2014 is:
Heathens: 2
Beliebers: 1

We're in your corner. The question for the month is: "is pope frank a reptillian?" Email us your thoughts @ deathdriveoakland@gmail.com and we'll rap about it later.

DD on DD vol. 3

Hey, we are playing a benefit to help those experiencing political repression in Mexico this Saturday (12/14) at RCA. There are some great bands playing, including:
The Urgents
No Business

More info @ Marky Z.'s geocities page.

Shortly thereafter Death Drive will relocating to Iceland to survive the apocalypse. Enjoy,
Tony D.

Decent December Vol. 2

We sold out and got a bandcamp. Enjoy our demo we recorded w/ Lily n' Johnny. I probably spelled their names wrong. Sorry Lilly and Jonny. Shooting for 1 out of 2. Mastered by Jack and performed by the LDV and the Death Drivers.

here it is

Decent December starts now

Expect more updates soon. - Tony D

Nasty November brought to you by Pope Frank

pope frankpope frankpope frank

We're writing some music and writing some wrongs. The marvelous Jack Shirley has mastered our demo tape and we should have some more tapes soon and will hopefully have it online for the mass consumption.

Welcome to rocktober!!!


I thought I hallucinated up a new band. It turns out I was just listening to king crimson on MP3 player and watching KING crimson on youtube. dang its fresh sounding.


we're going to get some TUNES UP on the internet once we figure out how it all functions. my uncle works at yahoo so it should be cool.


We're playing some shows in the area. #1 is spet 11 with some bands, maybe at the hive. I'm pretty sure bitter fruit is gonna be there, killer. not sure what else, but some bands from far away so get your head out of the microwave come get busy. another one LAAAATE into setp i can't remember the name to. it's gonna be good with slut river and NO Business, be there or be square. I bet it's hard to read a whole paragraph without having shit broken up into PALATABLE facebook sized chunks, SUCKER!

Last but not last we're having an open panel discussion on "INFORMATION: GOOD OR BAD?" If you'd like to participate or attend please send an email to whatever email address laura set up for us. thank you. namaste.

hey we're back from tour. it was awesome. we updated the website to use #hashtabs. checkout #nomdlardtc for updates.

Tour was great we hung out with still suit a lot. There were a lot of food coops at first and then things dried up. I stopped buying avocados in missoula. it feels weird to not be teleporting all over reality all the time, but you know kick back drink a beer and surive and mellow out and don't cause no one too much shit.

anyhow, i hope you're doing well and we get together sometime soon. one love, death drive.

hey everyone sorry its been awhile. this website is a giant shit of a disaster.
update: LAURA IS NOT on tour.
update2: we are playing SCREAM QUEENS FEST with a lot of other good bands. it's a benefit for pirate radio! read more here: fuck facebook<

laura's on tour w/ no babies and we miss her a lot. we listening to black sabbath the smiths the cure and depeche mode a lot. maybe we'll play again. matto's looking for a 2x15 @ 8ohms or 2 2x15's at 4 or 8ohms... holler!


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